UMX AC. Getting the job done – quietly!

Plug-&-Play? No, with the Yamaha UMX AC it’s Plug-&-Work! With its large rear cargo bed and spacious front locker, this quietly efficient all-electric workhorse can handle a huge range of tasks, indoors or out. The UMX AC is emission-free of course, as well as being very easy to drive and operate.

At its heart is a punchy 5.0 kW motor that’s not just quieter and better for the environment, but has a good range and is simple to plug in and charge. So it delivers smooth, flexible power that’ll take you just about anywhere in a park, resort, golf course, farm, airport, factory … just point and go.

The two ergonomically designed individual seats and variable rate suspension system give a high standard of rider comfort, making this quiet, smooth, comfortable light utility vehicle a real pleasure to work with – and it’s ready to work hard for you, almost silently, 24/7.



  • Light utility and maintenance vehicle
  • Tough, stylish and compact design
  • Aluminium cargo bed with one-touch tailgate
  • Two separate seats with centre console
  • Powerful 5.0 kW electric motor
  • 29-Litre front storage box – one-touch opening
  • Skid plate for non-extreme off-road situations
  • Wide tyres for comfort on and off-road
  • Strong reflector-type LED light units 

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    UMX AC Specification


    Maximum Forward Speed: 31 km/h

    Turning Radius: 4 metre


    Overall Length: 3,032 mm

    Overall Width: 1,253 mm

    Overall Height (sun top): 1,824 mm

    Wheelbase: 1,961 mm

    Front Wheel Tread: 1,023 mm

    Rear Wheel Tread: 1,021 mm

    Minimum Ground Clearance: 115 mm

    Floor Board Height: 332 mm


    Frame: Automotive style HybriCore™ Chassis, polyester/urethane powder topcoat

    Body: Thermoplastic olefin, 2-part top coat of automotive-grade polyurethane

    Steering: Rack and pinion

    Front Suspension: Strut suspension

    Rear Suspension: Mono-linkage

    Brakes: Self-adjusting, mechanical drum brakes on all 4 wheels

    Seating: Bucket seats made of polyurethane foam bonded to a durable vinyl cover


    Power supply/Drive train

    Displacement: 5.0kW

    Motor Control Unit: 48 volt AC Motor

    Batteries: Eight 6-volt Trojan T105 Batteries


    Dry Weight: 640 kg

    Cargo Box Material: Roto-molded linear Polyethylene

    Cargo Bed Capacity: 363 kg

    Cargo Bed Size (LxWxH): 1,046mm x 1,166 mm x 302 mm

    Tyre Size:  20 x 10 -10 (4 ply rated)

    Seating Capacity: 2 persons

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