Wilsons of Rathkenny are now stocking Lithium batteries

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Battery and charger included
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Li-Ion Golf Car Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (Lifepo4) for the Golf Car Industry. Our Golf Car batteries are designed to fit the majority of Golf Cars on the market by using the “fitting kits provided

Battery Protection and Safety

Our Batteries have a BMS  (Battery Management System) with 7 Layers of protection to ensure reliable safe operation. We use Lithium Iron Phosphate one is the safest Lithium Chemistries available.

Smart Phone App

Our batteries are supplied with an App, by downloading this App and connection to the battery the user can see the following:

  • State of Charge
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Temperature
Android App Store Apple App Store

Battery Charger

We also supply a 10amp IP66 On Board Charger.



Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate

  • Maintenance Free
  • Life-time is at least 3 times longer compared to Lead
  • No Hazardous Gas during charging
  • 50% Lighter than Lead equivalent
  • Long Guarantee
  • Can be Opportunity Charged
  • Quicker to install compared Lead acid batteries
  • More efficient to charge saves power
  • Will recover from Deep cycling
  • One of the Safest Lithium Chemistries available

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