A Sportscar-referenced Masterpiece

The Garia SuperSport – Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style – is a product of passion and a design spectacle. It flaunts the Garia golf and leisure car experience with Mercedes-Benz Style, combining aesthetics with pure luxury as well as state-of-the-art electric car technology with all the premium trimmings.

  • Built-in refrigerator

  • Scoreboard displayed on integrated touch screen device

  • Tray for storing golf balls and tees

  • Hand-stitched ‘lounge’ seats

  • Waterproof genuine leather

  • Simplified design for easy handling: plus sign on accelerator pedal, minus sign on brake pedal

  • Carbon fibre roof with black leather lining and grab handles

  • Carbon fibre decorations that shape the surrounding seat and dashboard sections

  • Dual size cup-holders on both sides

  • “Mercedes-Benz Style” label on sides of the vehicle, as well as on the dashboard and touch screen

  • Garia logo is displayed on the front of the vehicle, steering wheel, seat and rear bumper

  • Street legal in the EU and US (as an LSV)

Integrated Wi-Fi connects the car via smartphone or local Wi-Fi hotspot. Browse directly on the touch screen and access your favorite online platforms anytime. Using built-in Bluetooth®, you can stream music through the car’s speakers. 

  • Bluetooth® connection, music streaming via integrated stereo system

  • Speakers installed into the roof and seat interior

  • Onboard touchpad: 10.1 inch car style outdoor touch screen

  • Graphically enhanced vehicle information:

    • All warning symbols and announcements

    • Current power consumption

    • Remaining range

    • Vehicle speed

  • Certain drive functions can be controlled at the swipe of a finger:

    • Switchable driving modes: Golf or Street

    • Optimized operation for each mode, such as top speed, acceleration and regeneration

  • Additional touch-controlled functions include:

    • Access to vehicle settings menu

    • Odometer trip functions

    • Refrigerator On/Off and timer relay

    • Windscreen heater

    • Windscreen wiper and washer

    • Adjustable speed and regeneration settings while driving

The SuperSport Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style is a car in a class of its own. Compact and quiet, the vehicle brandishes unique features such as headlights which produce a distinct, aggressive look. Highly advanced for its genre, the suspension technologies allow for a uniquely smooth driving experience, both on unpaved terrain and on the streets. The small rear spoiler restates the sporty aesthetic. The SuperSport is a useful sculpture of convenience.

  • 14-inch aluminum rims

  • Five-spoke design, black and diamond cut

  • Double wishbone front suspension, ensuring:

    • Comfortable and safe driving

    • Precision handling

  • Large front disc brakes

  • LED front and tail lamps allow good visibility at all times

  • Large, curved windscreen:

    • Windscreen heater keeps glass clear in all weather

    • Wipers with spray function

  • Electric motor:

    • 8 kW continuous power for unbeatable acceleration and top speed

    • Most powerful motor used in a serial golf cart

  • Lithium battery pack:

    • 200 amp hours/10.24 kWh

    • Largest lithium battery pack ever installed in a serial golf cart

    • Range of 50 miles

  • Carbon fiber body panels:

    • All body panels are handmade

    • Produced in Germany by Mansory, distinguished experts in carbon fiber constructions

    • Optional carbon fiber finish is available for exterior parts. In this case, the weave will meet symmetrically at the car’s center axis

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    Supersport Specification


    • LENGTH: 2500 mm / 98,5
    • WIDTH:
      1270 mm / 50” (excl. mirrors)
      1520 mm / 60” (incl. mirrors)
    • HEIGHT: 1700 mm / 67”
    • WEIGHT (INCL. BATTERY): 550 kg / 1,213 lbs

    Power Supply / Drive

    Battery: 200 amp hours/10.24 kWh lithium battery pack

    Speed and Range

    • 105 km / 65 mile range
    • 70 km/h top speed, US limit: 25 mph (40 km/h)
      (LSV max speed limited to 25 mph due to federal law)



    • Tyre size: 185/50 R14
    • Max. payload capacity: 350 kg / 772 lbs
    • Weight distribution: 40 / 60 (front/rear)


    Standard 3 years limited vehicle warranty

    Specifications are subject to change.

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